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Selected publications on Huntington's disease:

Di Pardo A, Maglione V, Alpaugh M, Horkey M, Atwal RS, Sassone J, Ciammola A., Steffan JS, Foud K, Truant R and Sipione S(2011) Ganglioside GM1 induces phosphorylation of mutant huntingtin and restores normal motor behavior in Huntington disease mice. PNAS In press.

Atwal RS, Desmond CR, Caron N, Maiuri T, Xia J, Sipione S and Truant R. (2011) Huntingtin phosphorylation in N17 affects toxicity, aggregation, localization and can be specifically modulated by kinase inhibitors. Nature Chemical Biology, 7(7):453-60.

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Other publications from Simonetta Sipione:

Dai XQ, Kolic J, Marchi P, Sipione S, Macdonald PE. (2009) SUMOylation regulates Kv2.1 and modulates pancreatic {beta}-cell excitability. J Cell Sci. 2009 122(Pt 6):775-9.

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